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Yes, she is the real deal! Prepare yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

Prior to the call many questions came to mind; so the pen was in motion.

In the moment she spoke, the first question was answered, and so the flow began. Connections were made and my heart opened fearlessly for the guidance sought. Midway through, all my answers had been granted with elegant simplicity. In the few comfortable moments of silence the space filled me in clarity. Samantha is with you, “in the moment” to share her gifts of insight and it is beautiful perfection. Her voice speaks with grace and emanates love. As it has been called, the “One-ness” energy washed over me, leaving me a sense of being spiritually cleansed. Within the many explanations that came to light, my soul became content and then there was nothing more to say. Infinite possibilities and warmth of comfort secured me with satisfaction. Samantha is such a blessing; a real person that found her calling and knows how to share her gifts.

It is with infinite gratitude to have met a psychic with positive intentions, open to share and raise vibrational awareness for the greatest good of all concerned. All is one.

~ A l l i s o n E. Barletta, BS, RN

Reiki Master Practitioner/ Teacher
New York


"Samatha is a gentle spirit with a zest for life.  Samantha first read my aura and her ability to connect with my Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels is second to none.  She was able to pass on information regarding my personal life, my family, and friends. She answered all of my questions.  She also gave me insights into my own personal spiritual gifts and advised me how they could benefit and enrich my life.  Because of my spiritual abilities Samantha worked with me and gave me instructions so that I could learn to connect with my guides.  She not only gave me a beautiful and accurate reading she took the time to nurture my skills!!  I highly recommend Samantha and will meet with her again myself in the very near future.  She is AMAZING. Thank you Samantha. "


Prince George, British Columbia


"I had an amazing reading with Samantha. She helped me find guidance in my life and sort through obstacles I need to overcome. She has helped me find confidence in myself and faith that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. Thank you so very much!"

~ Cass
Exotic Dancer

Campbell River, British Columbia


"I was unsure of what to expect when I first met Samantha, but was more than pleasantly surprised.  Samantha made me feel at ease almost immediately and I could begin to feel things that were new to me.  She gave me guidance in learning to open up and ask myself questions and also ask questions of those around me.  I feel I will return for another reading down the road as Samantha has definitely help me in my quest to change my life.  Thank you very much.”

~ Ken

Business Owner

Kamloops, British Columbia


"Samantha is truly a wonderful gifted and giving soul who accepts her gift as naturally as one accepts breathing every day. She is a gentle and gifted soul and thank you, Samantha, for sharing your insight"

~ Ann


Mission, British Columbia


"Samantha really helped me out of a hard time. During the reading my eyes were opened to precisely what was going on.  I was really touched by the information she brought over, very accurate and helpful. Samantha is super sincere and very gifted. By the end of it I was facing an entirely different life situation. She did not only connect me to my guides, she showed me how to talk to them myself. I now walk my path in confidence and security knowing my guides are by my side. Thank you Samantha"
~ Lenny

Abbotsford, British Columbia


"Going to Samantha was a wonderful experience, I went in not knowing what questions to ask or what to seek for and I left with answers that made me more comfortable about my life and my path then I ever have. It's an incredible and warming experience that will give answers you want and need'

~ Mike


Abbotsford, British Columbia


"Samantha, thank you so much for tea and your guidance.  It all resonates with me and I am sure I'll have more questions for you"

~ Zorka

 Mission, British Columbia


"I told my brother about everything you said and you were spot on about everything.  The reading gave a lot me confirmation about what I was already suspecting.  Thank you for teaching me how to see auras. I can see them! That's so amazing"

~ Brandy 

Exotic Dancer

Vancouver, British Columbia


"Thank you again for everything, you are a wonderful being of love and light. The reading gave me the confirmation I needed to trust my path"

~ Matthew

Vancouver, British Columbia


"Samantha is truly a gem with an incredible gift. Her readings were amazingly accurate, detailed and insightful. Definitely the best reading I've ever had. I would recommend Samantha to anybody!"

~ Kathleen

Penticton, British Columbia


"When I met Samantha I knew that she was connecting to guides. She is the only psychic I have ever agreed to pay for a reading. Over the past 5 months the reading has proved to be very accurate and it has inspired me to make magical and exciting changes in my life"

~ Jodi Ingram

Alternative Healing Practioner

 Port Alberni, British Columbia


"The tea leaf reading Samantha gave me blew my mind, at the bottom of my cup she saw a bird--which she felt was a stork. She said I would be finding out very soon that someone very close to me was going to have a baby. I didn't believe her until my daughter came home an hour later and told me she was pregnant"

~ Lorna


Campbell River, British Columbia


"My reading with Samantha provided me with the insight I was looking for. She knew I was being held back by a missed opportunity that happened years ago. She was able to pick up on my son, even his love of small book stores and Starbucks. She helped me be able to admit to myself that I needed to go back home and to get out of a bad relationship. She even helped introduce me to my spirit guides and taught me how to connect with them on my own. I had no idea I could do that! I thought you had to be gifted. But Samantha made me realize that we are all gifted."

~ Kimberly 

Stay at Home Mom

Nanaimo, British Columbia


"As her powerful gifts have crowned her humble, Samantha is a precious gem. I was at a few crossroads and yearning for a palm reader. That was until I got a friends' referral about this thoughtful angel. She performed a palmistry reading, a tea leaf reading and a clairvoyant reading. I was overwhelmed by Samantha's majestically, strengthened wisdom. She understood my dilemmas and the mysteries of why they are there. When she gives a reading, her musically calculated word ship is very gentle. My soul inclined towards her aura positively. Before I met Samantha, my guides were ignored. She had the power to help me realize my strength. It felt great to be seen. I was feeling vulnerable, without a place to run, fight or hide. She knew everything. It is marvelous to be powerfully channeled and understood. Afterwards, I felt replenished, freshened and renewed. It was a marvelous experience because of her sensitivity. She was actually flabbergasted when I went to pull out a wallet. She had forgotten the business part of our interaction! We have stayed in touch and our friendship is blossoming. Now, I know personally how to reach peace of mind, achieve piece of body and practice peace from my soul. Thank you Samantha."

~ Hannah


Edmonton, Alberta

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