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P S Y C H I C   D E V E L O P M E N T   T R A I N I N G

Developing your psychic abilities is a natural processes.  As children we use our abilities to explore the world around us and if we are taught to nuture these abilities, to trust our inner guidance, then we are able to discern what is and is not right for us.  It is important to encourage children to follow this inner guidance.


Everyone on this planet has beings working with them as their spiritual guardings for this incarnation. These beings can range from angels; animals, deceased loved ones, elementals, multidimensional beings to otherwise. These beings have been with you from the time you were born and will assist you every day of your life until you cross to the otherside. From what I've observed, most people have atleast a dozen beings acting as spirit guides at any given time. A common thing for guides to mention to me when I begin talking with them, is their concern that you are not asking for help from them and because of such, they are unable to interene on a significant level.  


Many of my clients find it easy to learn how to recognize the presence of their guides.  Once they learn how to discern their own energy, they are able to sense when a new energy vibrates within their vacinity. This helps them to be able to reconnect with their guides and develop a deeper connection. They also learn how to see their guides as well as hear them.  Which allows for you, the client, to discover how each guide has a primary area in which they are here to help you expand, how much progress you have made and where you could use improvement or focus. Please note that I said reestablish a connection because on a soul level, you already know who your guides are; you know their names, you know what their strengths are, what they agreed to help you with and don't forget, you picked them to be your guides and they agreed to help you. That is pretty amazing. So go ahead, ask them for help. 


It is such a beautiful process because normally people have been feeling these little urges to gravitate towards these changes anyway and this just gives them further incentive to continue to do so.


By developing your psychic abilities you will be able to contact deceased loved ones, elemental beings such as fairies and nature spirits, multidimensional beings, extraterrestrial beings and understand that there truly is so much more to life then what most people are currently aware.


There are many ways to connect with your guides, in my blog I discuss the various types of psychic abilities. Many of which are a means people are unconsciously doing connection already and when they realise that they have been doing this, they have a moment where they become really excited because they realise that they can do this.


Another psychic ability I enjoy teaching people, is how to do psychometry; the ability to access information imprinted upon places, personal objects, plants and stones. This can help you decide if a place is somewhere you want to be or if an object is something you want to have  near you.


Aura reading is quite a fun ability to learn, I can teach you how to see the aura but in order to do this easily I do recommend that you have a friend beside you that way the two of you are able to learn to see each others auras. I can read the energy that comes through your being even at a distance. This ability does take a bit of practice but it makes life informative and entertaining. Each colour means something different and when you learn how the shade of the colour determines what is being felt, what chakra is activated, where they are focused mentally and emotionally. How the shape, size and clarity reveal more of what is going on.  As you can tell, I am passionate about auras.


If you are wanting to reestablish a connection with your guides but do not feel compelled to have someone assist you, then please check out my You Tube channel Samantha Mowat. On that channel I will soon have dozens of ways to develop your psychic abilities and how to distinguish between one guide and another. Developing psychic abilities is the next step in human evolution.

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