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Abductees are people who have been taken by either extraterrestrial beings; multidimensional beings and/or the military (Milabs) against their will. There may be a soul contract between the abductee and the beings who are preforming the abduction which the abductee may not remember. Many abductees are forced to undergo medical procedures, go through training of future scenarios, see possible future events and much more. An abductee may not remember the encounter for hours, days, weeks or even years after the event. Their memory of the event(s) is often erased and blocked, with screen memories in place, resulting in the abductee not understanding why they have these allegedly irrational fears around certain triggers. It is common for abductees to feel a sense of lack of control within their life, to be uncomfortable even fearful when thinking about extraterrestrials, medical procedures, space craft or night time.

Someone who is having experiences with extraterrestrial and/or multidimensional beings can generally be placed into 1 of 3 groups; Abductees, Contactees or Experiencers.

One of the less talked about aspects of the UFO community is the fact that someone can be an Abductee, a Contactee, an Experiencer or a mixture of the three. If you are a contactee, an abductee, an experiencer or a mixture and are trying to further understand your experiences, I am assisting those like us on their journey. I provide confidential support and understanding. We are a global family and it is important to help one another.

If you are a parent of a child who is experiencing contact of any kind with extraterrestrial or multidimensional beings and would like to talk to me, please feel free to reach out. As someone who has undergone experiences from a young age, I realize the complexity of this issue and would like to give support. I understand the challenges that come with having contact with beings not of this world while trying to maintain a sense of normality in your day to day life. I have experienced the confusion that comes with not understanding what is happening, and more challenging yet, not having anyone you can talk to about it.

C O N T A C T E E / A B D U C T E E    G U I D A N C E

I have been a contactee since I was a baby and there were times in my life when I would try to talk to someone about what I was experiencing, only to realize that they were not comprehending what I was saying. What I was attempting to share was beyond their understanding of reality.

The encounter scenario for a contactee will be one that is benevolent in nature, the beings will treat the contactee with kindness and respect. The beings will often reveal information to the contactee, preform health procedures and if necessary heal the contactee. The contactee may go through schooling on craft, interacting with beings or other contactees, as well as remember many components of the encounters. Many contactees come to understand that some of the beings they are in contact with are part of their souls family or from their home worlds. It is common for contactees to have a sense of purpose around their life here on Earth, feeling that they have a mission to accomplish although they may not recall what that mission is. Unlike abductees, contactees and experiencers are given the choice when offered medical intervention or assistence.


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