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C L A I R V O Y A N T    R E A D I N G

Prior to the reading, I connect with your guides and ask them what they feel you need to know at this time. As they speak to me; often through images, energy, words or blocks of information, I take note of the things that they bring to my attention. Quite often, the guides are excited that you will be hearing what they have been attempting to tell you.

During the first 15-30 minutes of the session, I get a sense of what is going on with your energy body, this typically allows for me to see what colours are in your auric field, as well as how your physical body is doing. We discuss areas which the guides feel are relevant for you to be aware of, these may include significant life events such as moving, job changes or lifestyle changes.  

Once the information begins to slow down, I will ask if you have any questions and then continue to relay the information as it is shown to me. As a clairvoyant, the majority of the information I receive is received visually; either in the aura, with my eyes or in the third eye. I will access information to help bring to light as to why you are encountering certain situations repeatedly and if applicable, what lesson(s) you need to learn to move forward.

Towards the end of the reading, I may ask if you are interested in learning how to connect with your guides. In which case I will then teach you how to connect with them in a simple yet loving manner.


I am available Tuesday through Friday at 7 am, 10 am and noon Pacific Standard Time. If you require an alternative time due to work restraints or time zone differences please mention so.

Appointment Options

The session is able to be conducted through the phone or Skype. Either of which is fine, once you have decided upon your preferred method, please e-mail or text your phone number or skype name prior to the session. If you choose to have your session over skype, please note that it will be via voice call, I find it easiest to channel while focusing on the guides and not my lovely clients.


Bring a list of questions with you, I find people often come see me with their head full of questions then as soon as we begin everything slips away, only to reappear after they have left.

As well, I do recommend that you have a recording device. If you have a smart phone, you should be able to find one already in your apps or you should be able to download one for free from the Apps Store or Play Store. If you choose to have your session via Skype, there is a recording option available on Skype.

Terms & Conditions


Please note that all information covered within the session is confidential, please do not be concerned with me revealing anything we discuss. The information is to you from the universe, I tend to forget the information revealed within a matter of minutes after the reading has concluded. Please note that the information I receive from your guides is an indication as to where you are headed based upon your current trajectory; if you decide to change your lifestyle; your energy or your perspective, you are able to change your fate. This is a beautiful thing within the freewill universe. Any and all information revealed to the client is to be used at their own discretion.

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