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California UFO Con

The UFO Event of the Year!

Researchers, Experiencers & Tech

UFO CON 2017 is the Northern California PREMIERE UFO and Experiencer Event. Stand by for announcements about Speakers, Special Guests, the first UFO CON Film Festival curated by "UFO Jim" Ledwith. Check back often for information on Special Events and Workshops (sold separately).

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WHEN       Mar. 24-25-26, 2017 Friday 4:00 pm thru Sunday 9:00 pm

WHERE     So. San Francisco, CA Holiday Inn

The Fenton Perspective: with host Lorien Fenton

The Fenton Perspective
Lorien Fenton

On Monday August 29th 2016 at 5:00 PST I will be joining Lorien Fenton on the Fenton Perspective, Lorien and I will be discussing the diversity of my contact with Extraterrestrial and Multidimensional beings. Lorien is a wonderful host with a great sense of humour.


Find the Fenton Perspective on Revolution Radio Monday's 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST

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California MUFON Radio: with Lorien Fenton and Spaced Out Radio's Dave Scott

Join me on Wednesday July 13th 2016 with host Lorien Fenton and Spaced Out Radio's Dave Scott.

As Dave and I discuss an experience that he and I shared in the spring of 2014 in Mission, British Columbia. During this experience Dave and I encountered two Andromedan beings in the woods outside of a friend's house.

11 pm - 01:00 am (EST)

Aliens Walk With Us: Spaced Out Radio

Spaced Out Radio host Dave Scott and I spend two hours discussing an experience that he and I shared in April of 2014 in Mission, BC. 

You Tube Channel Samantha Mowat

My guides have been after me for about a year to start a You Tube channel dedicated to assisting others with the expansion of their psychic abilities, my contact with multidimensional beings such as the various kinds of spirit guides; fairies, nature spirits, the deceased, animal beings as well as multidimensional and extraterrestrial beings. I plan to have this up and running by the end of February with hopefully several videos. How exciting!

Lyra Radio

In early 2015 I attempted to share my experiences with extraterrestrial and multidimensional beings on Lyra Radio - on BlogTalk Radio. Unfortunately after several attempts to podcast my experiences I was met with continous technical difficulties which prevented my podcast from being heard.  I asked my guides what to do and they suggested that I release over YouTube instead.










Spaced Out Radio: Interview by Dave Scott

Spaced Out Radio, Blogtalk Radio     December 7th 2014     10:00-12:00 PST
The host of Spaced Out Radio, Dave Scott, and I spend two hours discussing some of my contact with extraterrestrial and multidimensional beings. We discuss the various groups that I have been in contact with, what those experiences have been like and how my life has changed as a result of this contact.
Be sure to check out Spaced Out Radio between 10:00 and 12:00 at night, PST, on Blogtalk Radio.

Countdown to Contact: UFO Conference

Sheraton Hotel, Vancouver     September 13th 2014     Doors open 9:30am


I am excited to be given the opportunity to speak at this years Countdown to Contact: UFO conference at the Sheraton hotel in Vancouver.  I will be discussing the corrolation between psychic abiltiies and contact with extraterrestrial and multidimensional beings,  how to develop your psychic abilities and how to initiate contact. As well as include a few of the experiences I have had with extraterrestrial and multidimensional beings. If you are interested in extraterrestrials, exopolotics, ancient consciousness technology, ufos or contact, be sure to check out all of the Countdown to Contact videos on YouTube, there is some amazing information being shared.

Life After Death & Energy Work

Mission Public Library, Mission, BC     June 2nd 2014     7:00-8:30pm

Once a month at the Mission Public Library in Mission (an outlining region of Vancouver) there is a group that gets together to discuss life after death. 
I have been asked to share my experiences, as well as my understanding of the matter as a clairvoyant and energy worker. I have come to understand that death is an illusion, life does not end when you die, when you die your soul is released from the physical body. The physical body acts as a vehicle for your soul while it is incarnated upon the Earth. Your soul, like everything else in existance, is made up of energy and upon leaving the physical restrictions of your body, your soul is once again free of diseases, pain and is free to return to source (Prime Creator, God, Allah, whatever you wish to call it--they are all the same thing). However, there are measures in place which are preventing our souls from leaving the Earth. There is a grid around the planet and when someone has passed, they typically will see a white light then feel an urge to go towards the light. Upon reaching the light the soul typically will lose its memory of the previous incarnation and returns down to the Earth to once again be reincarnated. This is not the natural process of such. 
 If you are in the Vancouver Area, I suggest going to check it out.
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